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Journey as a humble pilgrim through lighted and narrated Biblical scenes from the gospels of Matthew and Luke so that you can experience the essence and true meaning of the birth of Christ at Christmas as a personal blessing. 

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Follow the Star


This will be a time to experience the blessing given to us at Christmas and share this Christmas blessing with your family and friends. After Jesus was born, Wise Men came to look for Him. The Wise men were certainly men of great learning. Today we call them astrologers, but in those days, these Wise Men were called Magi.

The Magi would have followed the patterns of the stars systematically. They would have also probably been very rich and held high esteem in their own society and by people who weren't from their country or religion. They had seen an unusual new star in the sky and knew that it told of the birth of a special king in Israel.

You will travel this journey following the star as a Magi searching for the Christ child to share and receive your blessing. As a Magi, you walk and listen to the narrative, trusting in the Star for guidance.

You will follow the star to meet shepherds visited by angels and hear their story of traveling to see the Christ child. You will continue to pick up your gold, meet Herod the King, walk with other Magi to Bethlehem, recalling the nativity scene shared with you by the shepherds, and then share and receive your blessing.

Magi Parking for Follow-the-Star is at the BIG STAR, three miles south of Greencastle on Manhatten Road (3645 South County Road 200 West). Turn in the driveway and park on the left side in the areas marked: Park Here. Walk up the lane toward the house to begin your journey at the Angel Arch.

Follow-the-Star opens on December 2 and runs through December 24 on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Registration required. 6-8PM.

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Jesus and the Wise Men

Moravian Star History

For many years, the Moravian Star has been a favorite decoration for the Advent and Christmas seasons. Whether set on top of Christmas trees or hung from porches/ While these unique multi-pointed stars are beautiful, they also have a rich history. 

Moravian Stars originated in 19th C. Germany but have since spread across the world, where they're beloved by people of all backgrounds and cultures for their unique, timeless design. 

According to the Moravian Church, the shape of the Moravian Star originated in Moravian boarding schools in Germany during the 19th century. The schools used Moravian Stars as an exercise in geometry. At the Moravian boarding school in Niesky, Germany, pupils practiced by making shapes from paper. The shape of an elongated pyramid inspired the geometry teacher and students to piece together the shapes and form a star. The stars were also seen as early as 1747 in the Moravian community of Hernhag, Germany. The stars were then carried throughout the world by missionaries and were then introduced to other cultures, who took a liking to the design for its aesthetics. 

The Symbolism of the Moravian Star

Every year, thousands of stars shine into the darkness, symbolizing our anticipation of the light of hope to enter the darkness. The stars are used to remind people of the Star of Bethlehem, and the light itself is seen as a “light of all the world”.  The points symbolize light shining into all directions, uniting us in anticipation with other people in all parts of the world! 

The points on the Moravian Star symbolize light shining into all directions of the world.